New Homeowner Form

We have been advised by an Arizona title company that you are under contract to purchase a residence in the El Conquistador Resort Patio Homes Association. In accordance with A.R.S. 33-1806, the Association is required to provide you with certain documents and other information relative to this Association.

All of the documents required by A.R.S. 33-1806 are included on the Association’s web site for your information and review. To access those documents, please visit

A.R.S.33-1806 also requires that you, as the prospective buyer, complete the form below and acknowledge that a contract exists between you and the Association. This will satisfy your obligation with respect to A.R.S.33-1806.


By filling out and submitting this form below:

  • I (we) hereby acknowledge that the declaration, bylaws and rules of the association constitute a contract between the association and me (us.)
  • I (we) acknowledge that I (we) have read and understand the association’s contract with me (us.)
  • I (we) also understand that as a matter of Arizona law, if I (we) fail to pay the association assessments, the association may foreclose on my (our) property.

Please fill out the form below:

New homeowner

  • Please list the street number and street name of the home you are buying. City, State and Zip are NOT necessary.
  • Away Address

  • Phone(s)

  • Please list the name of the person this phone is associated with. Like "Mary's cell."
  • Please list the name of the person this phone is associated with. Like "Tom's cell."
  • Email(s)

  • Renting

    If you plan to rent your El Con residence - as per our CC&R's - rentals MUST be for one month or more. Rentals for periods of less than one month are not permitted. Plus the Board requests owners fill out a renter form for each renter in case of emergency. (
  • Consent